Boys Town Community

​The Village of Boys Town is a small town community on 900 acres with tree-lined streets, athletic fields and beautiful Family Homes. The charm of Boys Town provides a welcoming, healing environment for children and gives them a unique sense of belonging and identity.

Children and teenagers ages 10 to 18 attend year-round school, participate in recreational activities, school sports, and a variety of other extracurricular activities. And just like any other town, Boys Town offers many amenities right on campus:

  • Police Department
  • Fire and Rescue Department
  • State-Approved Schools
  • Churches (one Catholic and one Protestant)
  • Palrang Memorial Field House
  • Boys Town National Research Hospital® and Medical Clinics
  • U.S. Post Office
  • Career Center
  • Boys Town Lake
photo of campus

75% of Boys ​Town youth report positive mental health