Family Involvement

Family involvement is a key part to your child’s success at Boys Town.

While living in a Family Home with their Family-Teachers®, children become members of the Boys Town “family.” But they don’t lose their own family.

As a parent, you know your child best. Your input and participation plays a huge role in improving outcomes for your child. Your child’s Family-Teacher will work with you to develop a plan that lays out the best course of action to help your child. Family-Teachers will help coach you on how to use positive parenting strategies, and empower you with the confidence and support to continue to use these strategies when your child comes home.

When your child has a significant achievement, you will be the first to know! Your child will have opportunities to talk to you by phone during the week, and on birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. Parents are welcome to contact their child’s Family Home at any time.

Besides helping youth get their lives back on track, Family-Teachers and others in the Family Home Program strive to prepare youth and their families for reunification. Boys Town offers parenting classes, in-home family counseling and ​other resources to strengthen families and make a youth’s transition home smoother and successful.

Parents are encouraged to visit their child and attend sporting activities on Boys Town campus.

While at Boys Town, youth who were out of parent control decreased from 84% at admission to only 4% at ​departure.