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Our youth programs, rich in nearly 100 years of experience, continue to be rooted in Father Flanagan’s belief in the potential of all children to succeed.

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​When DeAaron Ross-Mays talks about his future, his words are confident but not boastful. His tone is ​determined, but not cocky.

The 18-year-old Michigan native has good reason to be self-assured.

The success and stability of DeAaron’s life today stand in stark contrast to the disappointment and volatility of his childhood.


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Karly’s StoryKarly’s StoryOften left alone as a child, Karly began getting into trouble early. Alcohol abuse led to other illegal substances. With her life spiraling out of control, Karly was sent to Boys Town by her parents. While she was away, tragedy struck twice as Karly lost both parents within quick succession - her father to a hunting accident, her mother to cancer. On the brink of giving up, Karly instead rallied, and buoyed by the support of her Boys Town family, she went on to graduate from a prestigious four-year university.141939471
ReawakeningReawakeningConnor’s life was spiraling out of control. Drugs. Alcohol. Plummeting grades. One day he drank so much that he ended up in the hospital. It was his mother’s birthday. The next day, his parents brought him to Boys Town, where he was able to rebuild his life away from the noise and distractions of everyday teenage life.135298105
Tim's StoryTim's StoryTim’s mother made the difficult decision to send her son to Boys Town after too many sleepless nights. What started as heartache has led Tim down a path of success as a standout student and track athlete at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Watch their story and how both Tim and his mom credit the decision to come to Boys Town as the turning point in his life.121392300
Carley's StoryCarley's StoryAfter losing her mom at a young age, Carley was moved around from place to place. It wasn't until she got to Boys Town that she finally had a place to call home. With the burdens of her past being lifted from her shoulders, she was able to find purpose and ultimately success. A recent graduate of Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing, she is now an inspiration to not only other children at Boys Town, but to her mentors and teachers as well.106624835
Nick & Karen's StoryNick & Karen's StorySometimes a family has to break apart to come together.106624832;106624834;106624833
Sommer's StorySommer's StorySommer's biological mother and father were addicts who would often leave her and her siblings alone or with strangers when they went out looking for drugs. At one point, her father overdosed on heroin and slipped into a coma. Another time, he aimed a gun at her mother and fired, narrowly missing her. Such were the horrors of Sommer's everyday life. When Sommer first came to Boys Town, the idea of a safe, supportive family was just an abstraction. Today, Sommer is attending college, studying psychology with the intent of returning to Boys Town to help other kids in need.106624137


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RashadRashad<blockquote><p class="blockquote__quote">Before I came to Boys Town, I was not in school, never at home. I was angry, never happy. I was involved with drugs and the wrong crowd. When I came to Boys Town, I had never seen so many people that actually cared for me. I started to change my ways and found happiness. When I graduate, I will truly miss this place.</p><cite> - Rashad</cite></blockquote>
JordanJordan<blockquote><p class="blockquote__quote">When I came was I realized I was not mad at the world. I was mad at myself. I had to forgive myself for walking the path of destruction. I began by understanding my failures. I started to appreciate what I have. I have a family back home and a family right here. I now have the energy inside of me to make myself proud. Thank you, Boys Town. You gave me a chance.</p> <cite>- Jordan</cite></blockquote>
DavidDavid<blockquote><p class="blockquote__quote">When I came to Boys Town, I learned I could start over and make my family proud of me by doing good in school and sports. I see my Boys Town family has love for me and wants to see me do good in life, to give me that push until I get it right. You have given me a home, somewhere to be safe and feel safe, a place I call my second home. You have helped me with college and now I am smart enough to succeed.</p><cite> - David</cite></blockquote>